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There are two ways that you can change the delivery path for your delivery driver. The first way is to let Mercury Delivery do so for you (based on quickest or shortest path).

Optimizing Routes Automatically

To optimize a delivery route automatically:

  1. On the Create Routes window, click Optimize. The Optimize Route Options window opens.
  2. Select either Quickest Path or Shortest Path.
  3. Click OK.

The map and driving directions are updated accordingly. If a route origin has been specified, it will be included as the final stop.

You can also change the stop order in the delivery route by rearranging the delivery stops.

Manually Rearranging the Route (Moving Stops)

To manually rearrange the route:

  1. On the Creates Route window, in the tab for the route you are arranging, click the order you want to move up or down in the route list.
  2. Either click the Move Up or Move Down button to move the order, or click and drag the order to the place desired in the route.

Mercury Delivery automatically adjusts the route based on the new stop order.

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