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The Message Center is divided into the following major areas:

Search Parameters Area

In this area, you specify the criteria you want to use when performing a message search. If you select multiple criteria, a message has to match all parameters to be included in the search results area.

See Search Parameters Area

Search Results List

Once you click the Search button, the Message Center displays a list of all messages that match your search criteria.

Search results are color-coded as follows:

Color Description
Yellow Highlighted Row The message is currently in use by another employee. You cannot access in-use messages.
Red Text There was an error in the message. Typically, the error is listed at the bottom of the Mercury Message (in the bottom left corner of the Message Center).
Green Text Any unattached message (messages waiting to have orders created for them on

your system).

See Search Results List

Related Messages List

This list displays all messages related to the message selected in the Mercury Message Log. When you select a message from this list, the message appears in the Message Area and the florist associated with the message displays in the Florist Area.

Message Area

This area contains the text of the Mercury Message. If you print a message, it will be outputted in the same format you see in the Message area.

Florist Area

This area displays information about the florist associated with the currently selected message.

Button Ribbon

The button ribbon contains buttons for working with messages.

Button Ribbon

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