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The Mercury Order message allows you to send an order to another Member florist. You may need to send orders to another florist if a customer requests that a delivery be made outside your delivery area. You create a Mercury Order message by creating a wire out order in Order Entry or Point of Sale.

Following are a few hints to keep in mind when sending a Mercury order:

  • Avoid using “same” as a second choice product. Similar is acceptable.
  • Retrans fees are applied to Retrans orders automatically. Do not enter the Retrans fee on the order; however, collect the payment from the customer. You are billed for the Retrans fee on your Clearing House statement.
  • If an outgoing Mercury Order message is rejected by the host, the Rejected notification on the message prints in a large font so it is noticeable.


The Autoselect feature allows FTD Mercury to select a filling florist for you based on location of the recipient, status of the filling florist, and the product and price of the first choice product on the order. To automatically select a filling florist, click the Autoselect button in the Filling Florist Information section of the screen.

The following criteria are used to select a filling florist:

  • The recipient’s ZIP/postal code.
  • The status of the filling florist (the system will NOT select a florist that is marked as NOT PREFERRED).
  • The first choice product code (the florist must carry the first choice product code). If the first choice product is not indicated at the time that you click the Autoselect button, then the first choice product will not be criteria for selecting the filling florist.
  • The price including delivery (the price must meet the florist’s minimum ORDER amount requirement AND meet the florist’s minimum PRODUCT amount requirement). If the price is not indicated at the time that you click the Autoselect button, then price will not be criteria for selecting the filling florist.

If multiple florists meet the requirements listed above, then the following will determine which florist is selected to fill the order:

  • Preferred status (First Choice florists are selected first, then Preferred, then Normal).
  • Reciprocity count (number of orders) or dollar amount (total dollar amount of orders), depending on your system’s reciprocity configuration. Reciprocity counts and dollar amounts are calculated on a daily basis.
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