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To help you in the routing process, the Delivery Code screen allows you to create delivery codes so that you can track deliveries. Delivery codes flag an order as Delivered or Not Delivered. For example, you might set up delivery codes such as Delivered (Delivered), Left on Front Porch (Delivered), Not at Home (Not Delivered), Discharged from Hospital (Not Delivered), etc. You can mark orders Delivered or Not Delivered using these delivery codes in Ticket Search, Order Entry, Point of Sale, or in the Mercury Delivery application.

If you have the Wireless Delivery Confirmation add-on feature, your delivery drivers have these options listed on their phones so that they can mark orders Delivered/Not Delivered while they are on route. If you do not have the Wireless Delivery Confirmation add-on feature, your drivers should mark orders with these codes when they return from the delivery trip.

  • As of FTD Mercury X3, FTD no longer supports Wireless Delivery Confirmation.
  • Both FTD Mercury Mobile (X3) and FTD Mercury Mobile Plus (X4) allow drivers to use their mobile Android and iPhone devices to mark orders as Delivered. See Confirming Orders for details.

Wireless Delivery Confirmation and Delivery Codes

If you have Wireless Delivery Confirmation, the delivery codes display on the wireless phone in the same order that they display on this window. Therefore you may want to move the codes up or down by highlighting a code, then clicking the Up or Down button.

You MUST at least set up the following five delivery codes if you have Wireless Delivery Confirmation. If you do not set up these exact delivery codes, Wireless Delivery Confirmation may not function:

  • IN ICU

Accessing the Delivery Code Screen

To access the Delivery Code screen in Mercury Administration:

  1. Launch Mercury Administration.
  2. Double-click Mercury Administration in the explorer pane.
  3. Double-click the Delivery folder.
  4. Double-click Delivery Code. The Delivery Code screen opens.

Adding Delivery Codes

To add a delivery code:

  1. In Mercury Administration, access the Delivery Code screen.
  2. In the Description column, click inside of a blank cell and begin typing.
  3. In the Delivery Type column, select if the delivery code is for orders that are Delivered or Not Delivered.
  4. Click Apply to save changes before exiting this screen.
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