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Sending florists often need to have products delivered to recipients in hospitals, nursing homes, and funeral homes. By associating yourself with a facility, sending florists can quickly determine that you serve that facility - potentially directing orders to you. With that in mind, it is easy to associate yourself with facilities in FTD Florist Directory Administration.

To associate yourself with a facility:

  1. Select the Florist Code you are associating one or more facilities with from the list on the left side of the page.
  2. Click the Facilities button. The Maintain Facilities page opens.
  3. In the search area, enter criteria (city, state/province, and/or ZIP/postal code, and facility type) to locate the facility or facilities.
  4. From the results list, click the check box in the Service column to associate the Florist Code with that facility. (Facilities which you are already associated with are already checked and cannot be unchecked from this page.)
  5. When you have finished selecting facilities for this Florist Code, click Update.

When you click Update, a request is sent to FTD Directory Services to associate the specified Florist Code with the facility or facilities.

Requesting a Facility's Information be Updated

If you recognize that a facility's information is incorrect (for example, the telephone number is incorrect), you can submit an update request to alert FTD Directory Services.

To submit an update request from the Maintain Facilities page:

  1. Click the Edit Facility link for the facility. The Update Facility Request window opens.
  2. The window is prepopulated with the current information for the facility. Make any changes necessary and click Save.

Requesting a New Facility be Added

If you service a facility that is not in the facility list, you can request it be added so you can associate your shop with it.

To request a facility be added:

  1. Click the Facility button to display the Maintain Facilities page.
  2. Click the Facility Request link at the bottom left of the page. The New Facility Request window opens.
  3. Enter information about the facility in the window. All fields are required to process the request.
  4. Click Save.

The request is submitted to FTD Directory Services, who will verify the information and add the facility to the master facility list.

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