Generating Acknowledgment List Reports

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Using the Print button on the Funeral Log window, you can print an Acknowledgment List report to give to the funeral home or family of the recipient. The Acknowledgment List report will be formatted for printing on your store letterhead and includes the following information:

  • Date printed
  • Number of pages
  • Recipient Name
  • Sender Name (if the order was sent via a wire service or with a cash account, this is not printed)
  • Sender Address (if an invoice address is entered for the order, it will display as the sender’s address)
  • Product description
  • Card message

To print the Acknowledgment List:

  1. In Order Entry or Point of Sale, click the Funeral Log button. The Funeral Log window opens.
  2. Enter search criteria to locate the funeral. You can search using Recipient Name, Facility Name, Start Date, City/State, or some combination of search parameters. Click Search.
  3. From the results list, select the funeral for which you want to generate the Acknowledgment List report and click Print.
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