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The General message allows you to use Mercury Direct to communicate with other Members or with FTD Headquarters.

General messages are not relayed through the order relay center. If the receiving Member’s Mercury system is not working, the program rejects the General message.

NOTE: The transmission charge depends on the transmission priority you select. There is no transmission charge for sending a General message to FTD Headquarters (using the 90-5034AA code).

To send a General message:

  1. On the Mercury Direct Main Menu, click General Message. The General Message screen opens.
  2. In the Florist Code field, enter the florist code of the florist to whom you are sending the message. Or, click the magnifying glass to perform a Florist Search. If you perform a Florist Search, once you select the florist, the florist's information will fill in for you.
  3. If you have multiple shops, select your sending shop code from the Your Code list.
  4. From the Priority list, select a priority level for this message.
  5. In the Text or Reason field, enter your message text.
  6. In the Operator field, enter your name.
  7. Click Submit to send the message during the next Mercury Direct Communications session. If you want to send the message immediately, click Submit, then click the Transmit Now button on the Mercury Direct Main Menu.

Transmission Priorities

The transmission priority of the General Message determines the processing time of the message. Once the Host Computer receives the message, it is sent to the filling florist(s) based on the priority selected by the sending florist. You can set the transmission priority in the Priority field when completing your General Message.

Following are the transmission priorities that you may choose from when sending a General Message. The pricing for each transmission priority is different, please call Member Services for the current pricing:

X - Express    The message will be processed immediately.
N - Normal     The message will be processed within 90 minutes. This time period may be extended during major floral holidays.
E - Economy    The message will be processed by 8:00 a.m. the following business day.
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