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Maintain Facilities Page
Maintain Facilities Page

The Maintain Facilities page enables you to review or change the facilities which you serve. When you are associated with a facility, you will show up in an associated florist search from Facility Search - potentially enabling you to receive orders when sending florists have a recipient at that facility.

Search Area

In the search area, enter the criteria needed to find the facility you serve. You can provide the city, state/province, ZIP/postal code, and facility type. When you click Search, facilities matching your criteria are displayed in the results list. By default, when you open this page, all facilities in the city for the selected FTD member code are displayed.

Results List

The results list displays all facilities matching your search criteria. For each facility in the list, the following information is displayed:

  • Service - If you service this facility already, this box is selected and you cannot remove the check mark. If you do not service the facility, the box will be unchecked; you can check and uncheck any facility you do not already service.
  • Type - The facility type (hospital, funeral home, or nursing home).
  • Name - The name of the facility.
  • Address - The street address of the facility.
  • ZIP/Postal - The ZIP/postal code of the facility.
  • Telephone - The facility's phone number.

If you see a facility in the list that has incorrect information, click Edit Facility to submit an update request. If you cannot find a facility that you know exists in the selected city, you can click the New Facility Request link at the bottom left of the screen to submit a request that the facility be added to the city.

Once you have finished selecting facilities you want to serve, click Update to submit a request to FTD Directory Services to be associated with that facility.

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