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This feature is available beginning in FTD Mercury X3 Fall.

When you are entering products for an event from one of the organizational screens (Personal Flowers, Ceremony, Reception, or Party or Other), you can enter products by product codes. However, if you do not know the product code for the product, or if you are browsing for the best product, you can use the product search feature. Keep in mind, this feature is not the same as Product Search in FTD Mercury, although it does search the same product database.

To search for a product:

  1. From the Personal Flowers, Ceremony, Reception, or Party or Other screens, in any row, click the product search button (...) to the right of the Product column. The Product Search screen opens.
  2. Enter criteria for the search and click Search. Results are displayed below the search criteria. Up to 10 matching products are displayed on the screen. You can navigate through multiple pages by using the page numbers above and below the search results.
  3. When you locate the product you want to use, first ensure the correct price point is selected from the list below the product number (there may be up to 3 different price points based on settings for the product in FTD Mercury). You can override the price after you select the product. Once the price point is selected, click on the product.
  4. You are returned to the organizational screen from where you searched for the product, with details about the product filled into the row.

If desired, you can edit the quantity, description, and price for the product. You also must specify the location where the product is to be delivered.

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