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This feature is available beginning in FTD Mercury X3 Fall.

Each event must have at least one location where it occurs. Some events may have multiple locations, such as a wedding that may have a different location for a ceremony and for a reception. When you first create an event, you need to create one location. You can then add additional locations immediately or later as you craft the proposal.

To create a location for an event:

  1. Create a new event or open an existing event.
  2. Click the Locations button. The Locations screen opens.
  3. If this is a new event, the location details are already displayed. If there is already a location for the event, click Add Location.
  4. Fill out the location details as necessary. You must provide a Location Description that is unique in the context of the event (that is, you can only have one location for the event called Church or Reception).
  5. When you are finished entering location details, click Save.
  6. If you want to add additional locations, click Add Location.

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