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You may monitor your employees’ sales activity by printing an Employee Sales report. This report displays an order count and total dollar amount of orders for each employee for a given sales date range. The following steps teach you how to print an Employee Sales Report.

Generating the Employee Sales Report

To generate an Employee Sales report:

  1. In FTD Mercury, from the Management menu, click Employee Sales Summary. The Employee Sales Report window opens.
  2. At the top of the window, click whether you want to display Daily Sales Data, Weekly Sales Data, or Monthly Sales Data. For example, if you print Weekly Sales Data for the month of April, FTD Mercury displays the total order count and dollar amount for each week in April.
  3. In the Employee Name field, click the arrow and select the employee for whom you want to display sales information. You can also use a bar code scanner to scan an employee’s bar code ID.
  4. In the Select Date Range section, use the down arrows to select a to and from date for the sales for which you want to display statistics.
  5. Click Search.
  6. To print your report, click Print. The report will print to the printer selected for General Printing in the Printer Form Settings window (accessible from the Print menu on the FTD Mercury Main Menu).

Employee Sales Report Window

The Employee Sales Report window allows you to configure settings for the Employee Sales Report.

The Employee Sales Report window contains the following settings:

Setting Description
Daily, Weekly, Monthly Sales Data Select the period for which you want to see the employee’s sales data.
Employee Name Select the employee whose data you are reporting. You can also use a bar code scanner to scan an employee’s bar code ID.
Date Range Use the drop-down calendars to select the start and end dates for sales to be included in the report.

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