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The Delivery Trip Analysis Report prints delivery trip statistics for each delivery driver, such as total trips, percent trips complete, total miles traveled and total time traveled. This report prints the mileage for delivery trips, however entering mileage is not required to print this report. If no mileage is entered, the delivery trips are displayed as 0 miles.

Image:ImportantInfoIcon.pngThe delivery status of the route must be marked as delivered in the Truck Return window in order for all stops to be included int he Delivery Trip Analysis report.

Generating the Delivery Trip Analysis Report

To generate the Delivery Trip Analysis report:

  1. On the Reports menu, click Delivery Trip Analysis Report.
  2. If a window opens asking whether you wish to enable or disable macros, click Enable Macros. The Delivery Trip Analysis window opens.
  3. When the Delivery Trip Analysis window opens, in the Delivery Date Range section, select a start and end delivery date of orders that you want to include on the report. To select a date, click the arrow so that a calendar appears, then click on the date.
  4. In the Driver Number field, select the name/number of the driver that you want to print. To print all drivers, select All Drivers.
  5. Click Finish. The report generates in Microsoft Excel.

To print the report from Microsoft Excel:

On the Excel menu bar, click File, then click Print to print the report.

To save the report in Microsoft Excel:

On the Excel menu bar, from the File menu, click Save.

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