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The Credit Card Settlement window allows you to select the credit card transactions you want to settle, and view settlement batches and transactions. In the Search Parameters area, select the store you want to view settlement batches for, and click Search.

The Current Batch folder contains the transactions that have yet to be settled. The Settled Batch folders display already settled batches. There may also be a Pending Batch folder if settlement is in progress. Each of the folders also displays the total amount settled in the Amount column. If you double-click on a settlement batch folder, the View Settlement Totals window opens.


Voided transactions are not displayed regardless of their status.

When you expand a folder (by clicking the + sign to the left of the folder), you can see each transaction in the batch, including the card number (partially masked for security), the sale/settlement ID, the amount, the approval code, the date and time of the transaction, and any errors that may be associated with the transaction.


When configured to process credit cards using Dial Up, approved transactions do not appear until all transactions in the batch have been approved.

If you are configured to process credit cards over the Internet, all transactions in the current batch are marked to be included in the settlement, and you cannot select or clear items from settlement. Additionally, you cannot settle the transactions manually; they will be settled overnight automatically.

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