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The Credit/Debit Memo window is used to create credit and debit memos.

Following are the settings in the Credit/Debit Memo window:

Setting Description
Debit Memo/Credit Memo Select the type of ticket you wish to create.
Customer Name of the customer for whose account you are creating the credit or debit memo. Type the customer’s name, or click the search button t search for the customer’s name. If this is a new customer, you will be able to click Add and add the customer’s information into your system.
Ordered By Leave this field blank.
Store Name Name of the store where you will enter the credit or debit memo. Your store name is listed by default. Click the down arrow and select the name of another the store.
Ticket Date Date of the credit or debit memo. Click the down arrow to reveal a calendar.
Reference Enter a notation about the credit or debit memo to identify the ticket. The contents of the Reference field appear on the customer’s statement.
Product Grid Use the product grid area to select the product code, quantity, amount, and discount for the item(s) in the credit/debit memo.
Batch Mode Click this check box so a check mark appears if you wish this window to remain open so you can create several credit or debit memos.
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