Creating a Birthday Reminder Direct Mail Campaign

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  1. Launch the Mercury Marketing module.
  2. On the Welcome panel, click Create a New Campaign.
  3. In the Campaign Name field, type a name for the campaign (such as Birthday Reminder).
  4. Select a referral code for the campaign. If you do not see the referral code you want to use, click Add New Referral Code and add it.
  5. Select Direct Mail as the Distribution Type.
  6. From the Campaign Type list, select Reminder.
  7. Click Next.
  8. On the Select Target List panel, click Select a predefined list. Select Reminder from the predefined list options at the bottom of the panel.
  9. Click Next.
  10. On the Key Criteria panel, if you have multiple stores, select a store from the Store list.
  11. From the Occasion list, select an occasion. In this case, select Birthday.
  12. In the Delivery Date field, select a beginning and ending delivery date.
  13. Click Next.
  14. On the Output Fields panel, review the fields that will be included. Click Next.
  15. On the Preview and Edit Lists panel, review the list contents. Click Next.
  16. On the Save Campaign panel, in the Template field, select Birthday. If you want to send a postcard instead of a letter, click Post Card.
  17. In the Sender field, type the name of your shop or the owner name.
  18. Select Generate Mailing Labels if you want to generate labels.
  19. Select Open in Word.
  20. Select Execute Campaign Now.
  21. Click Finish.

The Mercury Marketing Wizard will process your selections. In a few minutes, Microsoft Word will open and merge all the customer information into the template. When the merge has finished, you can print the letters (or postcards, if you selected Post Card), or save the file to provide to a printing service.

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