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Prior to creating a standing order template, you must add the customer with whom the standing order template will be associated to your FTD Mercury database, and that customer must have a house account. Once you have a customer set up in FTD Mercury, you can create the standing order template.

To create a standing order template:

  1. Perform a Customer Search to locate the customer with whom the standing order template will be associated.
  2. In the Customer Detail window, click the Standing Order tab.
  3. Click New Standing Order. The Standing Order Scheduler window opens.
  4. From the Start Date and End Date lists, select the start and end date for standing orders. The start date represents the first delivery date, and the end date represents the last possible date that an order will be created based on this template. By default, both of these dates are set to the current date.
    Image:NoteIcon.pngYou cannot select a start date prior to the current date.
  5. Select the recurrence frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly). By default, this is set to Weekly.
  6. Click Generate. The Delivery Dates list populates with the dates on which orders will be scheduled for delivery based on your selections, with the first delivery date the same as the Start Date. Review these dates and make changes as necessary.
    • If there are dates in the list you do not want to include, select them and click Remove.
    • If there are additional dates you want to add, select the date on the calendar and click Add. You can only add dates between the selected Start Date and End Date.
  7. Select the day of the week on which the order will be created and printed (or transmitted if the order is for wire out). If the first order is scheduled for the next day, the order will be created and printed/transmitted overnight for that order only. (For more details on the number of days ahead of the order the invoice will print, see Lead Time on page 7–16).
  8. Click Save. The scheduling details are saved.
  9. Click Next. The Order Entry window opens, allowing you to enter the product(s) in the order, as well as delivery information. Although the Order Entry window for standing order templates is identical to the standard Order Entry window, some functionality is disabled, and some information (such as Customer Name) is prepopulated.
    • Notes for the order include the date and time the standing order was generated, as well as the standing order template that was used for order creation.
    • The New Ticket button is disabled. You can only use a single ticket for standing order templates.
    • Customer search is disabled; the customer will be the same as the customer with whom the standing order template is associated. You cannot add a new customer, nor can you view customer information.
    • The Delivery Date defaults to the first delivery date as defined in the Standing Order Scheduler window and cannot be changed.
    • You can only use the House account payment type; credit card, cash, and debit payment types are disabled.
    • Your delivery type can be Wire, Pickup, Local, or Carry Out.
    • If you select a delivery zone that is not configured to print an invoice, you will receive a warning.
    • The Store Name will be the name of the store you are currently logged in to and cannot be changed. However, you can use the Store Transfer list to transfer a standing order to another store.
  10. If you selected a wire out delivery zone, enter florist information for the filling florist.
  11. Click Complete. The Payment window opens, displaying the amount for the order, including taxes and delivery fees.
  12. Click Complete. You are returned to the Standing Order tab in the Customer Detail Information window. The new standing order template will not appear in this window until you return to it at a later time.
  13. Click Escape to return to the Main Menu.

If you created a standing order template for a wire out order, FTD Mercury will transmit the wire out order during the night of the day you selected.

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