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Send a GENeral message to FTD to attempt to reestablish your FTD Mercury system's connection to the Mercury Network.

  1. In FTD Mercury, on the Mercury Message menu, click General (GEN).
  2. In the General Message Detail window, in the Filling Florist field, enter 90-5034AA for the florist code.
  3. When you see the message 90-5034AA belongs to FTD, Inc. Transmit with this code?, click Yes.
  4. From the Priority list, select Express.
  5. In the Text or Reason field, enter Test for Mercury Connection.
  6. From the Operator list, select your employee name.
  7. From the Sending Florist list, ensure your store is selected.
  8. Click Send.

A verified copy of the message should print out on your Mercury printer within a few minutes. If a verified copy prints, you have a connection to the Mercury Network. If the Mercury Connection status indicator indicates there is a problem after the next Dashboard refresh (polling interval), contact the Mercury Technology Assistance Center for help in resolving the issue.

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