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NOTE: The Campaign Analysis tool only displays orders that were entered in FTD Mercury (Order Entry and Point of Sale). To analyze sales statistics for orders that were placed online, go to the Constant Contact website ( and run a campaign analysis.

Complete the following fields on this window:

  • Date Range—Select a date range that the campaigns were run.
  • Report By—Indicate if you would like to view the Summary Report or the Detailed Report. The Summary Report lists the total dollar amount and number of orders that were generated by the campaign. The Detailed Report lists each individual order that was generated by the campaign.

Click Refresh to list the campaigns that meet the criteria you selected at the top of the window. To view campaign results for a campaign, highlight that campaign and then click View Results. Your report will display in Microsoft Word.

Deleting Campaigns

You can delete campaigns in the Campaign Analysis window. To delete a campaign, highlight the campaign in the list and then click Delete (if you do not see the campaign in the list, you may have to change the criteria at the top of the window and then click Refresh). If you delete a campaign, it will delete other campaigns that were run with the same campaign name, including campaign schedules. Click Yes to delete the campaign or click No to return to the Campaign Analysis window.

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