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ALERT: FTD Order and Message Transmission
Last Updated: 13-Aug-2013 7:47AM CDT

Some users may be currently experiencing pending orders when attempting to send orders and messages through the Mercury Network. In addition, some messages and orders might get rejected due to this slowness. If you receive a reject, you can re-attempt to send the order.

  • For all users we recommend that you attempt to phone out your orders until this issue is resolved.
  • Please do not attempt to send general messages to test connections. This will slow the process when normal operation resumes.

If you do not wish to phone out your orders please use the process below for your respective technology platform.

  • FTD Mercury Users & Mercury Connect Users
    • Your system will continue to attempt order transmission every 5 minutes, if this fails you will receive a Communications Alert
    • When order transmission resumes your orders will automatically transmit
  • Mercury Direct Users:
    • You can attempt to "transmit now", this will succeed when transmission is again possible.

We are currently working to resolve the issue. Please check Merc Tech U often for further updates.

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