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You enter or modify product recipes from the Product Entry window (accessible after you perform a Product Search).

  1. Perform a Product Search to locate the product to which you want to add the recipe.
  2. Double-click the product from the results list. The Product Entry window opens.
  3. In the Recipe area:
    1. Click in the Qty column of the blank row. Enter the Qty for the item you are entering. Press TAB to move to the next column.
    2. In the Item column, enter the name of the item (for example, Oriental Lily stem). Press TAB.
    3. In the Size column, enter a size for the item. Press TAB.
    4. In the Color column, enter a color for the item.
  4. If you have additional items to add to the recipe, press TAB to tab onto another line and repeat steps a–d.
  5. Click Save to save your changes.

TIP: If you have multiple price points for the product, you can add additional lines to the recipes and indicate in the Item column instructions for each additional price point.

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