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You can add orders to the delivery route that do not already display in the Orders for Zone(s) section on the left hand side of the window. You can either add all orders within a particular delivery zone, or you can add orders individually by order number.

Image:NoteIcon.pngYou can only add orders to a route when you are in the process of creating the route in the Create Routes window. If you want to add an order to a route that has already been completed (finalized), see Viewing Routing Progress for instructions and limitations.

To add additional orders that are not currently displayed in the Orders for Zone(s) list:

  1. In the Create Routes window, click Add Zones. The Add Zone window opens.
  2. The delivery zones you already selected in the Delivery Snapshot window are already selected. To add additional delivery zones, select the box to the left of the zone name so a check mark appears. Repeat for any additional zones, and click OK.

All orders within the zones you selected will now appear in the Orders for Zone(s) list and be available for routing.

Adding Orders by Order Number

You can also add orders to the route by route number. This enables you to quickly add a single order (perhaps a last minute addition to a route that is about to leave your shop).

To add an order to a route by order number:

  1. In the Create Routes window, click Add Order. The Add Order window opens.
  2. Enter the order number, or scan the order number using a bar code scanner.
  3. Click OK.
  4. If the order’s store or delivery date are different from the store and date for the route, you will be asked to confirm your decision to include the order.

The order is added to the Orders for Zone(s) list and is available to route.

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