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Add Order Window
Add Order Window

You can add orders to a preexisting route via the Add Order window. To access this window, click the Add Order button on the Create Routes window. Additionally, you can add orders by scanning the order number using the barcode scanner.

Field Description
Order Number Order number you wish to add to the route.

If an order does not appear in the Orders for Zone(s) area on the left side of the Create Routes window, you can add it via the Add Order window. To add an order to a route, enter the applicable order number and click OK. The order is then added to the currently selected route, the order tree is refreshed, and the Order section, map, and directions reflect the newly-added order. Once you enter or scan an order number and click OK, the order will be added to the Orders for Zone(s) list in the Create Routes window.

Once you have added all desired orders, click Escape to exit the Add Order window and return to the Create Routes window.


If an order is added that has already been delivered, you will be asked to confirm that you want to redeliver this order. If yes, the order status of the order is changed to redelivery.

Additionally, you can add non-order stops to the route.

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