Activating IVR (Support Assisted)

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  • As of FTD Mercury X3, FTD no longer supports Wireless Delivery Confirmation.
  • Both FTD Mercury Mobile (X3) and FTD Mercury Mobile Plus (X4) allow drivers to use their mobile Android and iPhone devices to mark orders as Delivered. See Confirming Orders for details.

After setting up your employees and devices, IVR is set up but it is not activated. Next you must activate IVR from that phone by calling 651-209-0495.

To activate IVR:

  1. From the phone that you set up, dial 651-209-0495.
  2. You are prompted for a PIN number. Type your employee PIN number that was generated in Step 5: Create Wireless Employees on the Gearworks Web Site (Support Assisted) on page 14–56.

Your IVR account is now activated. Now your employees can use any phone that has caller ID to dial the IVR number (651-209-0495), log in with their employee PIN numbers, and mark orders Delivered or Not Delivered.

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