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The Acknowledgment window opens when you respond to a message and select Acknowledge as the response.

You can only acknowledge the following message types:

  • Incoming Answer (ANS) messages
  • Incoming Deny (DEN) messages
  • Incoming Reject (REJ) messages
  • Incoming Confirmation (CON) messages
  • Incoming Forward (FOR) messages
  • Incoming General (GEN) messages

When you acknowledge a message, the Acknowledgment window opens. You can then select your employee name from the Employee list, and then click Save to save the Acknowledgment. Once you acknowledge a message, it no longer shows up under the requires attention list and the message status is set to Acknowledged.

If you acknowledge a message that is associated with an already attached (opened in Order Entry via Message Center) order, the acknowledgment is recorded in Order Notes for the order.

Image:NoteIcon.pngYou cannot acknowledge a message that has previously been acknowledged; that option is no longer available as a response.
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