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You can create a discount on your site. You can either allow everyone to receive the discount (mark items as on sale), or you can require a code to be input.

In order to create a discount using a promo code:

  • Login to Web Portal and click on the Administration tab at the top
  • On the left, click on Products
  • On the left, under Products, click on Website Discounts
  • In the center, click on Add Coupon
  • You will now see a dropdown that allows you to select what type of discount you would like to create
  • Mark the discount Active
  • Give the Coupon a name and description
  • Order Date Availability refers to the date range the order has to be placed in for the discount to be valid.
  • Delivery Date Availability is the date range the order has to be DELIVERED by in order for the coupon to be valid.
  • If a Promo Code will be required in order to receive the discount, select Promo Code and then input the code the customer will use to get the discount
  • Input the discount amount that the customer will receive
  • Input this into Minimum Price required to apply the discount
  • Added Floral Value refers to the Better & Best pricing. Mark this if the discount will apply to the increase as well
  • All discounts should be applied BEFORE tax unless otherwise advised by a local tax advisor
  • Select how you would like the customer to see the discount displayed
  • Check where the order can be delivered if the customer is using the discount
  • Select which products the discount applies to
  • At the bottom, click Add Discount

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