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The following table provides you an overview of Mercury Message types, regardless of your Mercury system.

Message Type Abbreviation Description and Usage
Adjustment ADJ If you receive your Combined Report and there is an error in the outgoing section of the report, use the Adjustment message to report the error to FTD.
Answer ANS or
ANSP (to confirm incoming price change requests)
This message is used for two purposes:
  • As a response to an Ask message, enabling you to answer a question sent by another florist or
  • As agreement to a Price Change request. The amount for this message must be the same as the incoming Price Change request; otherwise the original amount for the order will be used. Do not use an Answer message with a price (ANSP) to request a price change from a sender; use a Price Change request instead.
Ask ASK Use this message to ask a question to another florist. Do not use this message for price changes – use the Price Change message instead.
Confirm CON Use this message to inform the sending florist that you agree to their request to cancel an order.
Delivery Confirmation DCON
(also known technically as an ASKC)
Use this message to confirm delivery of an order. Do not use this message unless the delivery was successful.
Deny DEN Use this message to inform the sending florist that you are denying their request to cancel an order.
Forward FOR Use this message to forward an incoming order message to another florist, who will fill the order instead.
General GEN Use this message to communicate with FTD Headquarters or other florists over the Mercury Network. General messages should not be sent for anything related to orders - send the appropriate message (Ask, Answer, Delivery Confirmation, Price Change, etc.) instead.
Price Change ASKP Use this message to request a different price for an order. It can be initiated by either the filling florist or sending florist.
  • If a sending florist initiates the message, the new price will stand unless the filling florist rejects the order.
  • If a filling florist initiates the message, it serves as a request to the sending florist for additional funds. Unless the sending florist agrees (by sending another Price Change request with the agreed upon price), the price will not change.
Reject REJ Use this message to reject an incoming order from a sending florist.
Received Orders REC Use the Received Orders message to report orders to FTD that you received over the telephone from FTD Members.
Resume RES Use this message to change the date/time you will begin receiving orders again after you have sent a Suspend message. For example, if you suspended your system for a vacation and returned early, send a Resume message so you can receive orders again before the date you specified in the original Suspend message.
Suspend SUS Use this message to stop your Mercury system from receiving orders. You should do this if you cannot fill any more incoming orders during busy times, or if you are closing your shop outside of your normal shop hours (for example, for a vacation). If you have already sent a Suspend message and then send another one, it will override the first message (and change the dates/times of the suspension period). If you need to resume at a different time than you indicated in the Suspend message, send a Resume message.

You can read further information Mercury Messages in both FTD Mercury and Mercury Direct documentation. Additionally, you can view information on FTD Quality Programs.

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