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What are some common uses for gift cards?

You can sell gift cards for your shop to customers who either don’t know what to purchase or want their recipient to pick out an arrangement from you. Additionally, many florists use gift cards for marketing purposes. For example, they put $5 on a gift card and include it with an arrangement to entice the recipient to return for future business. Finally, gift cards can also be used to issue store credit.

What systems can I use gift cards on?

FTD Mercury X or later. You must have Point of Sale hardware to load gift cards, but they can be redeemed using either an Order Entry client or a Point of Sale client.

What about Mercury Direct?

At this time, you cannot use gift cards with Mercury Direct. If you would like to indicate your interest in adding this functionality, please send us feedback letting us know.

Can I use gift cards with my Florists’ Online Web site?

Not at this time. We are considering adding this functionality in a future release.

What can I customize on my cards?

Both the Standard and Deluxe packages allow you to add up to 4 lines of black text (35 characters per line) on the back of the card. Letters, numbers, punctuation, and spaces all count as characters. Text will be centered on each line.

Can you give me some examples of what people put on the back of the cards?

Most shops put their shop name, their street address, their phone number, their Web site address, and email address. Some shops put disclaimers that the cards can only be used for purchases.

For example:

My Flower Shop
123 Main Street, Anytown
630-555-1212 *

Can I customize the front of the card too?

The Deluxe packages allow you to customize the entire front of the cards.

What do people put on custom cards?

It varies. We’ve had some shops who put their logo, some that have put flowers and their logo, some just flowers, and some pictures of their shops. It’s up to you.

Does FTD create my card design for Deluxe cards?

No. You need to submit finished artwork that we can use in our templates. We strongly recommend you work with a graphic artist to do so. We can also offer a graphic artist who can work with you for $35/hr USD. Depending on the complexity of your design, it may take anywhere from 2 to 10 hours to create your card front art.

What file formats do you need for the Deluxe cards?

We need high-resolution .tif or .jpg files (300 dpi). We also can work with .eps files.

For Deluxe cards, what size should my custom artwork be?

The finished gift cards are 3.375 inches by 2.125 inches. We can run artwork to the edge of the space, as long as you provide sufficient bleed for the graphic - at least .25 inches around the entire card.

For Standard cards, do I get to pick the design?

No. You get an equal assortment of the card designs.

Do the cards come with holders?

Yes! You will receive an equal number of card holders which also can hang on the stand included in the Marketing Kit or on a standard peg.

What’s in the Marketing Kit?

The marketing kit includes a wire display rack for cards, a countertop ad, an acrylic sign holder, window decals, and table tents.

What’s the pricing for the Marketing Kit?

$25 USD

What are the pricing options for Standard cards?

  • $100 USD for 100 cards
  • $475 USD for 500 cards
  • $900 USD for 1000 cards

When you order 1000 or more gift cards at the same time, you get a free Marketing Kit.

What are the pricing options for Deluxe cards?

  • $625 USD for 500 cards
  • $1200 USD for 1000 cards
  • $5750 USD for 5000 cards

When you order 1000 or more gift cards at the same time, you get a free Marketing Kit.

What do I do to order?

Fill out the order form and fax it to the number at the bottom of the form.

Will I be given an opportunity to review my shop information before printing?

Absolutely. FTD will fax or email you an order confirmation with the text where you can review what will be printed and approve it prior to printing your cards. Once you approve the cards, they will be sent to press.

How will I be billed?

All orders will be one-time-billed on your FTD Clearinghouse statement. Billing will occur in the same month when we receive your order confirmation.

How long will it take to receive my cards?

Generally, you will receive your cards between 4 and 6 weeks after you confirm the shop information. The faster you send us your confirmation, the faster we can send cards.

Do I need a license in FTD Mercury to use gift cards?

Yes. Contact the Mercury Technology Assistance Center (MTAC) at 888-309-2244 to have your gift card license activated for FTD Mercury.

Is there a fee for the gift card license?

No. An MTAC representative will activate it for you when you call in once you receive your cards.

Is there a monthly fee for using gift cards?


Do you charge a transaction fee for gift cards?


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