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You can now access data from your FTD Mercury database without impacting your system’s performance. With data replication, key tables from the FTD Mercury database are replicated into a secondary, read only database.

Once your system has been configured for the user database, you will receive read-only access to the user_data database. This database contains relevant information from the FTD Mercury database. After the system is licensed for the user database, a snapshot of the current information populates the user_data database. When information within the applicable tables is added, updated, or deleted, the user_data database is updated.


If your license for the user_data database is removed, you will continue to have read-only access to the existing data but will not receive updates.

At a basic level, you will have access to the following information in the user_data database:

  • Customer information: who sent the order
  • Payment information: credit card and tax details
  • Employee and store information: who took the order and where the order was taken
  • Item information
  • Product information: the products included in the order
  • Recipient information: who the order is going to
  • Sale information: details on the sale
  • Ticket information: delivery details and additional order details
  • Filling florist information: for wire/phoned-out orders


Additional descriptions for tables are provided in the user_data database.

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