Viewing Incoming Mercury Messages in FTD Mercury Mobile

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This information applies to functionality for FTD Mercury X3 and later.

As with the FTD Mercury Dashboard, you can use the Dashboard in FTD Mercury Mobile to view incoming Mercury Messages. Unlike FTD Mercury, however, you cannot attach or respond to these messages from within FTD Mercury Mobile, nor does the button blink if an order requires your attention.

To view an incoming Mercury Message:

  1. Launch FTD Mercury Mobile.
  2. If it is not already visible, tap the Dashboard icon to display the Dashboard.
  3. Tap the Mercury Messages button. The Requires Attention screen displays.
  4. Tap the Mercury Message you want to view. The Order Details screen displays, showing you the delivery date for the order, the recipient, and the florist.

You can tap the Back button to return to the Requires Attention screen.

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