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  • As of FTD Mercury X3, FTD no longer supports Wireless Delivery Confirmation.
  • Both FTD Mercury Mobile (X3) and FTD Mercury Mobile Plus (X4) allow drivers to use their mobile Android and iPhone devices to mark orders as Delivered. See Confirming Orders for details.

When a truck returns from a delivery route, you can use the Truck Return Window to mark orders as delivered or not delivered. Once you have marked an order as delivered and provided a delivery time, the routing progress is complete for that order. You can also simply record the time the order was delivered, which automatically marks the order as delivered (using the delivery date for the order).

If you mark an order as not delivered, it is considered a “problem” order, which you can address later in the Follow Up Deliveries Window.

If you have the Wireless Delivery Confirmation upgrade, your delivery drivers can update the delivery status of the orders while they are on route. On the delivery phones, they can mark a delivery as Delivered or Not Delivered by selecting a delivery status code for the delivery. The information is updated to Mercury Delivery automatically. Therefore it is not necessary to mark orders Delivered or Not Delivered manually in the Truck Return window, unless you want to change settings or add comments.

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