Transferring Orders to Other Stores

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If you are configured as a multi-store environment, you can transfer orders to other stores. You must have enabled the Store Transfer feature in Mercury Administration.

When you transfer an order to another store, any invoices, worksheets, and cards print at the store to which you transferred the order on the configured printers for that store. For financial purposes, the payment amount is split between stores based on configurations in Mercury Administration.

To transfer an order to another store:

  1. Take the order as normal in the Order Entry or Point of Sale window.
  2. In the Delivery area, select the store you want to transfer the order to from the Transfer To list.
  3. Click Payment. The Payments window opens. Take the payment as you normally would. Click Complete.
  4. If required, enter your employee name, password, and optionally any notes in the Audit Trail window and click OK.

Once the order is complete, invoices print at the store to which you transferred the order. If you took the order on a Point of Sale station, the appropriate receipts are printed.

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