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You can set the location to use for the Weather gadget (by default, it displays the weather for the 60515 ZIP code, corresponding to the weather at FTD Headquarters in Downers Grove, IL).

To set the location to use for the Weather gadget:

  1. On the Dashboard window, click the Gadgets menu and then click Weather Location. The Weather Location Window opens.
  2. Select whether you want to use a U.S. ZIP code for the display or use a city and state/province.
    • If you select ZIP code, in the Zip Code field, enter a U.S. ZIP code.
    • If you select City/State, in the City field, enter the city name. From the State list, select the state or province.
  3. Select whether you want the temperature to display in Farenheit or Celsius.
  4. Click Save.

When you return to the Dashboard, the Weather gadget displays with your new settings.

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