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Before beginning a Point of Sale session, you must enter an opening balance. You may enter the opening balance immediately after a Z-Out, when the Opening Balance window opens, or you can access the window by clicking the Opening Balance button on the Point of Sale screen. FTD Mercury uses the opening balance at the time of Z-Out to calculate the amount of overage or underage in the drawer.


The Opening Balance button only appears when you have not yet entered an opening balance. When you have entered an opening balance for a Point of Sale session, the Opening Balance button is replaced by the X-Out/Z-Out button.

To set the opening balance:

  1. On the FTD Mercury Main Menu, click Point of Sale.
  2. Click Opening Balance to display the Opening Balance window.
  3. In the Login Name field, enter your FTD Mercury login name.
  4. In the Password field, enter your FTD Mercury password. Asterisks (*****) appear to protect your password.
  5. In the Opening Amount field, enter the opening balance for the drawer (the amount shown defaults to the previous opening balance amount).
  6. Click OK when you are finished. The receipt printer prints a record of the opening balance.

Once the Point of Sale session has been opened, the Opening Balance button changes to the XOut/Z-Out button.

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