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Selling gift cards is essentially the same as selling any other product in your FTD Mercury database, except that when you sell a gift card, you activate the gift card with the value of the purchase. The new gift card is valid from the date of the sale for the expiration period set in Mercury Administration.

To sell a gift card:

  1. On the FTD Mercury Main Menu, click Point of Sale. The Point of Sale window opens.
  2. From the Employee list, select your employee name. You can also use your bar code scanner to enter the employee name. Scan the employee ID, and the employee will be selected.
  3. In the Customer area, enter the customer’s information.
    Image:NoteIcon.pngIn Point of Sale, you can leave the Customer field empty to use the default Point of Sale customer (usually Cash Sales).
  4. Ensure you have selected a delivery zone (even if the zone is N/A).
  5. Fill in the Products area:
    1. In the Product Code column, enter **Gift Card, or swipe the gift card being purchased. The Description field will show the number of the gift card.
    2. In the Amount field, enter the value to be placed on the gift card. The sale price without extension is the value that will be on the gift card when it is activated.
    3. If you are offering a discount on the gift card, or giving it away free as a promotion, enter a percentage in the Discount field. For example, if you want to give customers free $5.00 gift cards, enter $5.00 in the Amount field and 100% in the Discount field.
  6. From the Occasion list, select the occasion for the purchase.
  7. Click Complete. The Payments window opens.
  8. In the Payments area, enter payment information.
    Image:ImportantInfoIcon.pngYou cannot use a gift card to pay for a gift card.
  9. Click Complete to complete the sale, or click Save to save payment information and return to the Point of Sale window.
  10. If required, enter your employee name, password, and optionally any notes in the Audit Trail window and click OK.

Once the sale is complete the customer receipt prints out. If your system is set up to process credit card transactions and the payment used a credit card, or if the payment is on a house account, two additional receipts print with signature lines. The customer should sign the store copy and keep the customer copy.

Invoices, such as the billing invoice and worksheet, will print according to settings in Mercury Administration.


If the payment was on a credit card and the credit card was declined, neither the invoice nor the receipt will print. Instead, you will receive an on-screen message letting you know and allowing you to enter a different credit card or payment information.

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