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The Resume message allows Mercury Direct to receive orders earlier than the date and time that you specified in your Suspend message. Mercury Direct will continue to process administrative messages while the Suspend message is in effect.

To send a Resume message:

  1. On the Mercury Direct Main Menu, click the Message menu, and then click Resume (RES).
  2. From the Select the Account you wish to Resume list, select the shop code you want to resume. If you have multiple shop codes, you can click ALL to resume all accounts.
  3. If you want to resume receiving orders immediately, click Resume Now. If you want to specify a specific time and date that you want to resume receiving orders, continue to the next step.
  4. In the Resume Date field, enter the date that you want to resume receiving orders.
  5. In the Resume Time field, enter the time (on the date that you specified in the Resume Date field) that you want to resume receiving orders. Then select AM or PM.
  6. In the Operator field, enter your name.
  7. Click Submit to send the message during the next Mercury Direct Communications session. If you want to send the message immediately, click Submit, then click the Transmit Now button in the main menu.
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