Reprinting Receipts

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Receipts print based on settings in Mercury Administration. However, you may need to reprint receipts in Point of Sale for a variety of reasons. You can reprint receipts for Point of Sale or Order Entry by performing a Ticket Search, highlighting the ticket, and clicking Output Invoice. You can only reprint receipts on a system that is configured for Point of Sale and has a receipt printer.

To reprint a receipt via Ticket Search:

  1. On the FTD Mercury Main Menu, in the Search area, click Ticket. The Ticket Search window opens.
  2. Perform a Ticket Search to locate the ticket.
  3. Click on or highlight the ticket you want to reprint and click Output Invoice. The Output Options window opens.
  4. Ensure the Print Receipt check box is selected, and the Print Invoice check box is cleared.
  5. Click Execute.

FTD Mercury reprints the receipt on the receipt printer. Receipts reprinted for Point of Sale transactions have the original session ID and terminal ID printed on them, with the word REPRINT at the bottom of the receipt. The print date and time will be the system time the receipt was reprinted.

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