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To process incoming Web Order Interface orders in FTD Mercury:

  1. On the FTD Mercury Main Menu, click Order Entry. The Order Entry window opens.
  2. From a blank Order Entry window, click Message Center to search for the incoming Web order. Incoming Web orders are listed as FTD IN orders.
  3. Enter your search criteria and then click Search. From the results list, select the order you want to attach and click Select. The order populates the Order Entry screen.
    Image:NoteIcon.pngWeb orders always have a status of “Exception” and a filling florist code of 90-0000AA. Search for Web orders in Message Center, change the Wire Service list to WEB and click Search.
  4. The system attempts to locate the customer in your customer database. If it locates a customer, the customer’s information is populated in the Order Entry screen. If a customer cannot be located, you are prompted if you want to add a new customer.
    Consider the following:
    • Order information is found in Order Notes
      The Web order information is located in Order Notes. Having the information in Order Notes allows you to access the information. However, Order Notes do not get printed on the invoice and do not get transmitted over Mercury if the order is sent as an outgoing Mercury order.
      To access Order Notes, click the Order Notes button in the Order Entry order screen.
    • An automatic Web Order adjustment is applied
      After the incoming Web order is attached in Order Entry and all automatic charges are applied (delivery zone fees, service charges, etc.), the new order total is validated. The new order total, after all automated processing and after line item taxes have been established, is compared to the original order total from the incoming Web order. If these values do not match, the non-taxable “Web Order Adjustment” product is added to the order to adjust the balance, positively or negatively, to ensure that the current order total matches the incoming Web order total. This “Web Order Adjustment” product has been added to your product database with a product code of ADJUST_WEB.
      If you make any changes to the order (adding a customer discount or products for example), the Web order adjustment line does not change.
    • Discounts are listed (if applicable)
      A new product has been added to your system called “Website Order Discount,” with a product code of DISCOUNT_WEB. This product is treated like a coupon. Any discount amount coming from the Web order uses this product on a product line in Order Entry.
      If a customer account is set up to receive discounts, you must add this discount manually.
  5. Check the information in the Order Entry screen. Select the delivery zone if necessary. If the customer receives a discount at your store, you have to add this discount manually.
  6. Click Payment to check the information on the Payment screen. The credit card information from the order is populated for you. If the customer placed the order on his or her house account, the house account is already selected.
  7. Click Save in the Payments window.
  8. Click Complete to complete the order.
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