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Point of Sale History is a search tool that allows you to look up previous Point of Sale sessions. From this screen you can view detail information for a Point of Sale session and enter drawer amounts.

Opening Point of Sale History

To access point of sale history:

  1. On the Management menu, click POS Session History.
  2. Enter your search criteria by either selecting a date range or clicking Session ID and entering a session ID in the ID field (session IDs are printed on the Z-Out receipt).
  3. Click Search. A list of available Point of Sale sessions appears.
  4. Double-click on the session you want to review to open the POS Session Detail window.

Using the POS Session Detail

You can open the POS Session Detail window by double-clicking on a Point of Sale session in the POS Session History window. This window displays a summary list of transactions for the selected session, and it allows you to enter a drawer amount for a Point of Sale session after the session has been closed (using a Z-Out transaction).

View or print the session information as necessary. You can also change or enter the dollar amounts in the Cash Amount and Check Amount fields, which calculate the Over/Under amounts automatically. To help count the cash or checks, click on the dollar sign button to access the Money Counter.

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