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The POS Manual Entry window allows you to enter the tax information from orders placed outside your FTD Mercury program. You will need to complete this process on a daily basis in order to generate your Sales Tax Report correctly.

To enter tax information in the POS Manual Entry window:

  1. On the Management menu, click POS Sales Entry.
  2. Your store name is listed by default in the Store Name field. If you have multiple stores, click the down arrow and select the name of the store for which you wish to enter taxes manually.
  3. In the Date field, click the down arrow to reveal a calendar. Click on the date you wish to enter or view taxes. Sales that have not been posted can be changed. Sales that have been posted appear in gray and cannot be changed.
  4. In the Total field, type the total amount of sales that can be assessed under each tax type. You may click on the $0.00 in the Total cells to reveal a calculator icon to help you compute the correct total to which you may apply each tax type.
  5. In the Tax Amount field, type the amount of tax to be charged on the sales total in the cell to the right. You may click on the $0.00 in the Tax Amount cells to reveal a calculator icon to help you compute the tax amount for each tax type.
  6. Click the Batch Mode check box so a check mark appears if you wish to create several manual tax entries.
  7. Click Save.
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