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Congratulations on becoming a Mercury Network Subscriber! As a Mercury Direct user, you are now a part of the most sophisticated, yet easy to use network available for handling your wire orders and communications with other florists. The Mercury Network is a communications network developed especially with the FTD Member in mind, made up of individual systems linked to a Host Computer.

The Mercury Network includes two key elements:

  • Mercury system
  • FTD Headquarters in Downers Grove

The first element is the Mercury system, located in each participating Member’s store. Multi-store owners may choose to have the system serve more than one store. A "branching" setup allows traffic going to different stores to be routed through a single system.

Mercury systems are linked via the Internet to the second major element, FTD Headquarters located in Downers Grove, Illinois. This element consists of:

  • The Mercury Host Computer, which processes orders and messages and sends them on to receiving Members.
  • The Floral Order Relay Center facility, which manually handles orders and order-related messages by telephone to Members with temporarily inoperative systems.
  • The Mercury Technology Assistance Center (MTAC), which can answer questions and help Members find solutions to problems. Members can contact the Mercury Technology Assistance Center by calling 1-888-309-2244.
  • The Data Processing Center, which, for billing purposes, automatically reports incoming orders processed through the Mercury Network.
  • The Technology Sales Department, which can fill orders for new equipment or can answer your questions on which equipment would best suit your store. You may reach Technology Sales between 8a.m. and 5p.m. Central Time at 1-800-767-3222 or by emailing

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