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After you fill an order, you can send an Order Confirmation to the sending florist to confirm that you filled and delivered the order. This message arrives at the sending florist’s shop as an Answer (ANS) message.

To send a delivery confirmation:

  1. On the Mercury Direct Main Menu, click Delivery Confirmation. The Delivery Confirmation screen opens.
  2. From the Your Code list, select the florist code of the shop that filled the order (if you have multiple shops).
  3. In the Order Number field, enter the Mercury order number of the order that you filled. To search for the order, click the magnifying glass icon to perform a Message Search. After you enter in the order number or select the order from Message Search, Mercury Direct will copy the Other Florist, Delivery Date, and Recipient Name information from the order into the Delivery Confirmation screen.
  4. In the Delivery Time field, enter the time that the order was delivered by your delivery driver. Then select AM or PM.
  5. In the Product Desc field, enter a brief description of the product(s) that were delivered.
  6. The Internal Invoice field is optional. If you would like to enter any additional information that might help identify the order, enter it here.
  7. In the Driver Name field, enter the name of the delivery driver that delivered the order.
  8. If you have any notes that you would like the sending florist to read, enter them in the Note field.
  9. In the Operator field, enter your name.
  10. Click Submit to send the message during the next Mercury Direct communications session. If you want to send the message immediately, on the Mercury Direct Main Menu, click Transmit Now.
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