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The Reciprocity Report provides you with an analysis of your reciprocity statistics. It prints the total number of orders and dollar amount of orders that you have sent and received for each shop code. The report lists totals by each store, then lists a grand total for all stores at the bottom of the report. Data is downloaded automatically to your system each night, so the reciprocity statistics are always updated

To access the Reciprocity report:

  1. On the Mercury Direct Main Menu, click the Reports menu, and then click Reciprocity.
  2. If you receive the message “Reciprocity data is not available. Do you want to download it now?”, click OK so Mercury Direct can download the information.

NOTE: If you are accessing the Reciprocity report for the first time, you may get a message stating “The reciprocity data should be available after the next communications session. Try running the report then.” This means that you can either wait until the next Mercury Direct communications session occurs (about every 20 minutes, or as you have defined in the Control Panel), or you can force a communications session by clicking in the Mercury Direct Control Panel main menu.

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