Mercury Direct: Receiving Orders and Messages

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If you have incoming orders or messages waiting for you, the incoming orders will arrive at your shop when either of the following two events have taken place:

  • When a Mercury Direct communications session takes place (when Mercury Direct connects to the Internet). This takes place every 15 minutes or every 25 orders (whichever comes first), or as you specified in the Host tab when setting up Mercury Direct.
    Note: You can change frequency that Mercury Direct connects to the Internet.
  • When you click Transmit Now on the Mercury Direct Main Menu. Clicking the Transmit Now button forces Mercury Direct to connect with the Internet and send and receive any waiting messages.

When you receive an order or message, it will print to your default printer (unless you have disabled printing in the Control Panel). It will also be listed in Message Search and in the Control Panel message list.

For more information on sending and receiving notifications, see Sending and Receiving FTD Notifications and Working with FTD Notifications from Mercury Direct Plus.

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