Mercury Connect RSA Removal Tool

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This tool removes the RSA SecurID token from your computer, which will no longer be required for logging in to Mercury Connect starting the morning of April 19, 2011.

IMPORTANT: You should not use this tool prior to that morning, as your token is required until that point.

To remove your RSA SecurID token:

  1. Download the Mercury Connect RSA Removal Tool.
  2. When you receive a prompt to run or save the tool, click Run.
  3. If you receive a message informing you the publisher could not be verified, click Run.
  4. If you receive a message asking you if you want the MC_RSA_Removal_Tool.exe to make changes to the computer, click Yes.
  5. When you receive a message that the program will remove the RSA component of Mercury Connect, click OK.
  6. After the removal finishes, you will receive a message that the RSA component was uninstalled. Click OK.

After you run this tool, you should use this procedure to log in to Mercury Connect.

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