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To access Mercury Accounting Main Menu:

On the FTD Mercury Main Menu, click Accounting. Mercury Accounting opens, with the Main menu displayed.

Image:ImportantInfoIcon.pngAll Accounting functions must be performed on the FTD Mercury server. You cannot access the Accounting module from a client computer (even by using Remote Desktop).

Following are the options in the Accounting Module Main Menu:

Option Description
Chart of Accounts Use this option to set up your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts.
Balance Use this option to export your FTD Mercury data to QuickBooks, or just view/print your sales information for the given date range (you do not need to purchase the Accounting module to print/view the information, only to export). See The Balance Wizard (Exporting to QuickBooks).
GL Export History Use this option to view or print previous exports. See General Ledger Export History.
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