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Delivery codes are created in Mercury Administration, and are used to indicate the delivery status of an order. You can create delivery codes that mark orders Delivered (for example, “Left on Porch,” “Delivered to Recipient,” etc.) or Not Delivered (for example, “Not at Home,” or “Discharged from Hospital”).

When you click the Delivery column, a down arrow displays. Here you can click the arrow to access a list of delivery codes:

  • Selecting a Delivered delivery code (for example, “Left on Porch”) marks the order Delivered.
  • Selecting a Not Delivered delivery code (for example, “Not at Home”) marks the order as Not Delivered.

If you have the Mercury Delivery, you most likely maintain the delivery status of your orders in that application. However if you do want to mark orders Delivered or Not Delivered in Order History, the changes that you make in Order History automatically update the delivery status of orders in Mercury Delivery (and vice versa). If the delivery status is blank, the order is available for delivery in Mercury Delivery.

If you send delivery confirmation email messages, marking an order Delivered sends the email at that time (or if you specified a LATER time in Mercury Administration, it sends it at that time).

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