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When you click the Map It button in Order Entry or Point of Sale, the Map It window opens. This window displays the recipient address and the distance in miles (or kilometers, for Canadian systems) from your shop to the recipient. It also provides a map showing your shop location.

The Map It button is always enabled, but you may receive messages if you do not have required licenses or software.

  • If you are not licensed for Address Verification, a message displays with information about purchasing a license.
  • If your zone is not a local zone, a message displays informing you that you must select a local zone.
  • If the location of your shop address listed in the Florist Directory cannot be verified, a message displays indicating you need to contact FTD Member Services to update the address.
  • If the recipient address cannot be verified (or you elected not to verify it), a message displays indicating you cannot use the Map It feature unless the address is verified.

Once you have finished viewing the information in this window, click Escape to close the window and return to Order Entry or Point of Sale.

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