How Messages are Retrieved from Your Email Account

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FTD Mercury checks to see if there are any new incoming orders in your email account for the time interval that you specified in the Polling Interval field in the MailServer screen in Mercury Administration. This happens via the following process:

  1. FTD Mercury checks your email account for any new incoming email messages.
  2. If there are incoming email messages, FTD Mercury checks to see if any email messages have the matching subject line that you specified in the Subject field in the Mail Server option in Mercury Administration.
  3. If any email messages have a matching subject line, the email messages are removed from your inbox and translated into incoming FTD orders. At this time the order can be found in Message Center and is available to attach as an incoming order in Order Entry.
    If any email messages subject lines that do not match, these email messages are forwarded to the error email account that you specified in the Send Errors To field in the MailServer Screen in Mercury Administration.
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