Funeral Log Window

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Funeral Log Window
Funeral Log Window

The Funeral Log window allows you to search for funerals, select recipients to use in Order Entry or Point of Sale, add funerals, update funeral information, print acknowledgments, and remove funerals from the log.

The Funeral Log window contains the following areas:

Search Parameters

You can look up funerals that have been added to Funeral Log by searching for the name of the recipient, the name of the funeral home, the start date of the funeral, or the city and state where the funeral home is located. If multiple parameters are entered, the list of funerals displayed will contain only the funerals that match all parameters. To sort the results, click on a column header in the funeral list.

For instance, if you want to search for all funerals held during a particular week at a specific funeral home, enter the date for the beginning of the week and the name of the facility.

Funeral List

When you add or retrieve funeral information, the name of the recipient, the funeral home name, address, city, state, ZIP code, and telephone are listed for each funeral. When the Funeral Log is opened from Order Entry or Point of Sale and the recipient field is blank, all entries in the Funeral Log are displayed in alphabetical order by the recipient name. If you have already entered a recipient in Order Entry or Point of Sale, the funeral for the recipient name will appear in the Funeral Log if the service has been entered. If the funeral has not been entered, you can add it.

Funeral Details

When you highlight a funeral in the Funeral List, any details on the funeral that were entered when the funeral was added will appear as read-only text in the Details area. If the funeral has not occurred, you can add or change the details by clicking the Detail button.


You can add notes to a funeral even if the funeral has occurred in the past.

Button Ribbon

The button ribbon at the bottom of the Funeral Log window allows you to perform the following actions:

Button Description
Select Highlight a row in the Funeral List and click Select (ALT+L) to fill in the recipient information in Order Entry or Point of Sale. You can also double-click on the row in the Funeral Information.
Add Click Add (ALT+A) to open a blank Add Recipient window to enter and save a new funeral.
Detail Highlight a funeral the Funeral List and click Detail (ALT+D) to open and update the funeral.
Print Highlight a funeral and click Print (ALT+P) to generate the Acknowledgment List report for the funeral.
Remove Highlight a row in the Funeral Information area and click Remove (ALT+R) to delete the funeral information. You can only remove a funeral if no orders have been associated with it.
Escape Click this button to close the Funeral Log without saving changes.

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