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Information on this page is subject to change. All prices listed are per month charges. Contact your National Marketing Consultant at 1-800-7888-9000 for details and current promotions.


Under Unlimited Coverage Plan, no charges for listings. Pay only $4.99 ($4.99 CAD) per order filled.

Listing Type U.S. Price Canadian Price
Basic Listing* FREE FREE
Zip/Postal Listing** FREE FREE
Special Listing FREE FREE
Facility Listing FREE FREE

* Basic Listing is required for any additional advertising excluding Facility Links.
* * Zip/Postal Listing included in the Zip/Postal Database requires a Basic Listing

Digital Display

Ad Size U.S. Price Canadian Price
Full Page $300.00 each (For all cities covered) $400.00 each (For all cities covered)

Featured Florist

If you are a Featured Florist in a specific city, you can use a custom pin on the Florist Link map. In addition, if you are a Featured Florist, your pin will appear on the map for a city regardless of whether you are included in the current page of the results list in Florist Link, providing you more visibility to sending florists. You will also be included in the Featured Florist directory, published on FTDi.com. There can only be four Featured Florists for any city.

U.S. Price Canadian Price
$200.00 per month per city $200.00 per month per city
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